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You may have arrived at this webpage for one of the following reasons:

You reported to an emergency room (ER) with worrisome but mysterious symptoms, but you were sent home without a clear diagnosis. Early signs of a stroke went undetected. You then experienced a full-blown stroke at home.

You told doctors that you suspected early symptoms of a stroke, but you were not given the recommended treatments that might have mitigated your poor outcome. Now you face a lengthy recovery and may live with disabilities.

You suffered a neurological injury during a medical procedure. Now you suffer from chronic pain and can no longer work.

Your baby suffered a stroke or neurological injury during childbirth, and you believe it was the doctor’s mistake.

These are all examples of strokes, neurological injuries and related complications that may be traceable to medical malpractice. At Headley Law Firm LLC, we bring medical experts on board to help us discover the causes of injuries resulting from medical mistakes.

What Is A Medical Malpractice Claim?

A medical malpractice claim or lawsuit is a way to obtain the resources needed to pay for additional medical care and/or to compensate you for damage to your lifestyle that you now must live with. Your successful medical malpractice case may also help prevent further harm to other patients by a doctor who has not followed established standards of care.

Our Trusted Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help

From law offices in Daniel Island, South Carolina, and Morgantown, West Virginia at Headley Law Firm LLC we handle complex medical malpractice cases locally and throughout West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Serious medical malpractice cases should not be handled by just any firm. Your lawyer needs significant financial resources and outside experts to help build your case.

At our firm, we have the skill, experience, a thorough understanding of the law – and resources – to build a strong case. Many lawyers know our reputation and frequently refer medical malpractice cases to us.

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