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Personal Injury Case Results

The lawyers at Headley Law Firm LLC work vigorously and expertly to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.  The end result is hundreds of ecstatic clients and a remarkable record of results.

$1,300,000.00 – driver injured after ambulance runs car off the road.

$1,225,000.00 – woman suffers neck injury on inflatable product.

$1,000,000.00 – excavator operator drops tree on homeowner.

$874,750.00 – benzene exposure in the workplace.

$475,000.00 – motorcycle rider struck by commercial truck.

$335,000.00 – customer falls on uneven parking lot at rental car company resulting in knee injury.

$320,000.00 – hotel guests injured by elevator malfunction.

$285,000.00 – elderly man injured by defective walker.

$275,000.00 – motor vehicle crash resulting in back injuries.

$265,000.00 – pedestrian falls on uneven sidewalk.

$265,000.00 – driver suffers arm amputation during crash with tractor trailer.

$250,000.00 – motorcycle rider hit by driver who crossed center line.

$250,000.00 – man injured as passenger in driver’s vehicle.

$225,000.00 – homeowners suffer damage during pipeline construction.

$221,500.00 – man riding horse injured by drunk driver.

$175,000.00 – woman injured as passenger in drunk driver’s vehicle.

$165,000.00 – woman falls from wheelchair while exiting her doctor’s office.

$135,000.00 – commercial truck driver hit by impaired driver.

$125,000.00 – college student falls at house party.

$125,000.00 – high school student falls off rock ledge at summer camp.

$100,000.00 – man on farm tractor struck by distracted driver.

Medical Malpractice Case Results

$2,300,000.00 – OB/GYN delays in identifying/treating ruptured membranes.

$2,235,000.00 – hospital/surgeon mistakenly performs wrong surgical procedure.

$775,000.00 – medical providers fail to properly respond to post-partum hemorrhage.

$750,000.00 – OB/GYN and hospital error during surgery.

$700,00.00 – nursing home abuse.

$575,000.00 – hospital fails to diagnose stroke.

$560,000.00 – poor wound care for rehab patient.

$500,000.00 – behavior health wing of hospital negligent during patient care.

$390,000.00 – nursing home abuse.

$360,000.00 – penile injury during improper catheterization.

$265,000.00 – angioplasty complications.

$250,000.00 – infirm nursing home resident suffers fall.

$250,000.00 – injured ureter during hysterectomy.

$215,000.00 – patient injured by negligent back surgeon. 

$185,000.00 – patient with active, undiagnosed infection undergoes surgery and exacerbates infection.

$175,000.00 – failure to properly treat diverticulitis results in perforation.

$150,000.00 – patient injured during implantation of surgical mesh.

$150,000.00 – medical providers cause fistula during OB/GYN procedure.

$150,000.00 – medical mismanagement of cysts on patient’s foot.

$100,000.00 – foreign bodies left behind after surgery.

$100,000.00 – injured ureter during hysterectomy.