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3 causes of a delayed cancer diagnosis

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

Cancer is among the leading causes of death in the world. The primary solution the medical field employs is detecting it earlier, as it’s easier to control the disease at that point. Doctors perform several procedures to detect different types of cancer sooner. However, a patient may be denied this privilege despite visiting the doctor earlier.

Here are three causes of a delayed cancer diagnosis.  

Overlooking suspicious symptoms

Doctors are trained to test for cancer and look for suspicious symptoms. A doctor overlooking an unusual symptom may endanger a patient. Of course, at times, it can be challenging to conclude in the first stages. But in such an instance, a doctor should perform more tests or ask the patient to return for a checkup after a particular period. Ignoring symptoms and not following up on a patient may lead to a delayed cancer diagnosis.

Not listening to the patients

Tests are reliable, but a patient’s firsthand information is vital as it directs a doctor to what they should look for. Thus, a doctor who does not listen to a patient or dismisses a symptom a patient points out because they have never seen it before can constitute negligence. Most patients whose diagnoses were delayed have attested they informed the doctor of a certain symptom, but they dismissed it.

Miscommunication among health providers

Information passes through several departments in a health facility, from the admission desk to the doctor’s office. If there is a miscommunication or misunderstanding between facilities, a patient may experience a delayed diagnosis.

If you or your loved one reported a suspicious symptom to a doctor and received substandard care and the condition is cancer, which could have been controlled, you should get legal guidance to protect your rights.