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5 common causes of dog bites

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | Personal Injury |

To most individuals, dogs are man’s best friend. They’re smart and loyal, and some of them have jobs as K-9 units or therapy dogs. Of course, not everyone loves or even likes dogs, especially those bitten by them.

About 20 percent of people bitten by dogs require medical attention, and children are the most vulnerable to dog bites. There are several reasons why dogs bite, and here are five common ones.


Some dogs bite because someone or something provokes them. For example, a dog attacks a small child because the kid pulled its tail or made lots of noise while it was sleeping.


When a dog isn’t feeling well due to an illness or injury, it makes sense that they want to be left alone. If a person bothers them, intentionally or not, the dog is likely to attack.


Dogs are defensive creatures, which is why many owners use them as guard dogs. (They come in handy when defending property against would-be criminals and trespassers.)

However, property owners could find themselves in legal trouble if their dog bites kids playing nearby or if they refuse to abide by their city’s leash laws.

Fear Aggression

There are dogs who bite others because they feel threatened in some way. For instance, they might be comfortable around their owners and other occupants in the household but fear strangers. They also could have had a history of abuse with previous owners and find it difficult to trust humans.

Play Aggression

When playing, some dogs aren’t aware of their strength. They might accidentally bite someone while wrestling or playing a game of fetch.

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