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Head injuries and TBIs can’t always fully heal

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Catastrophic Injuries |

People suffer from traumatic brain injuries every day, in a variety of ways – car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, workplace accidents, etc. If it’s your brain itself that is injured, it’s important to know that it may not fully heal. Other types of injuries often will, but the brain is different from the other organs in your body.

Specifically, the difference is that the other cells in your body have the ability to replicate. This means that they can generate new cells as necessary. For instance, your body is always creating red blood cells. Your skin is always changing to become new as the cells are replaced.

But brain cells generally don’t have the same ability. These neural cells are the same ones you had when you were born and you’re not going to get new ones. In the vast majority of cases, this type of regeneration is simply impossible. As a result, limitations that stem from a traumatic brain injury may last forever.

Could some healing be possible?

Yes, some level of healing is often possible. Some people even make a full recovery. Your brain can find new neural pathways and you can learn new skills – or relearn the ones you had – through rehabilitation.

This isn’t to say that you will never heal or that there are no options. There certainly are. It’s just important to know how problematic this can be and how difficult it may be for your body to recover because that is going to directly impact the time it takes for you to heal and the amount of money that this healing costs.o

If you do find yourself in this position, make sure that you know how to seek financial compensation.