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Fear aggression in dogs: What to know

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Personal Injury |

While it is true that some dogs are aggressive, there is usually much more to it than this. One of the more common reasons a dog may bite is because they are scared. When backed into a corner, a dog may feel like biting their only option. 

Dog bites can be serious and there is also a further risk of infections. Recognizing some common behaviors among fearful dogs could benefit you and possibly prevent an attack.

What do the eyes tell you? 

You can tell a lot about a dog from its eyes. Generally, you shouldn’t be able to see much of the white part of the eyes. If a dog is wide-eyed and intense looking, it could be a sign that they are stressed. Stress and anxiety can often turn to aggression in canines. 

What is the tail doing? 

A happy dog will typically wag its tail freely. The body language shouldn’t come across as still or rigid. If a dog has its tail between its legs, or the wagging motion is more rigid, it could be a sign that they are stressed.  

Are they trying to get away? 

People commonly make the mistake of thinking that all dogs want to say hello to them, but this isn’t the case. A dog may be fearful of strangers and not interested in socializing. If a dog is backing away from you, you should never force the issue to try and get its attention. One of the most common scenarios for dog attacks is when they have been backed into a corner with no escape. 

Of course, the above behaviors are not guaranteed to indicate a dog attack, and there are occasions where it’s just impossible to see it coming. If you’ve been bitten and the owner was negligent, then you may be able to hold them to account legally and seek some compensation.