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3 of the most common slip and fall causes

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Personal Injury |

People don’t slip and fall every day, in fact, adults try to avoid falling the older they get, as the repercussions of falling can lead to serious medical injuries – but that doesn’t mean a child falling over is any better. 

If you’re going to avoid slip-and-fall accidents, you’re going to need to know what situations can cause them. Here’s what you should know:

1. Slick floors

Some of the most common slips and falls can be attributed to wet floors – that’s why many wet floors should, but not always, include caution signs. In many cases, wet floors are caused by something spilling or leaking, like a busted pipe. 

Water isn’t the only substance that can cause a floor to be slippery. Grease and oil spills can not only make a surface slick but make cleaning difficult. If a floor isn’t properly cleaned after a grease or oil, people may still find the floors hazardous to tread on. 

2. Slopes and uneven surfaces

Many public buildings and stores make accommodations for people with medical disabilities by including ramps. These surfaces, when correctly installed, make it easier for people who can’t walk or struggle doing so. When ramps are installed incorrectly, they may prove too steep for people to walk comfortably and safely, causing slip-and-fall accidents.

Sidewalks and walkways can also cause slips and falls if flooring, tiles or pavement are uneven. Uneven surfaces can unexpectedly catch your foot causing you to fall. 

3. Weather and environmental obstacles

Every season provides different types of obstacles that could cause slips and falls. Rain can cause roads and sidewalks to flood with water, hiding potholes in puddles, and causing surfaces to become slick. Snow can make surfaces frozen if the ground isn’t properly salted.

Sandy, muddy or loose ground (especially on unrepaired surfaces) can each be affected by the weather conditions. You may easily lose your footing if you step on an uneven batch of earth or stray gravel (or, in the winter, uncleared ice), leading to head or spinal injuries. 

If you’ve recently been seriously injured by a slip-and-fall accident due to a property owner’s negligence, you may need to know your options to help recover from medical bills and trauma.