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Age is a major contributing factor to the seriousness of a fall

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Anyone can slip and fall, but the risk of such an incident increases with age. Further, the older you are when you unexpectedly slip and fall, the more likely you are to suffer a broken bone or other serious injuries.

The statistics make it clear that older adults are particularly vulnerable to falling and to getting hurt when they do fall.

People past a certain age are more likely to be injured

Slip-and-falls are the top cause of injury on the job for adults over the age of 55. Many of these adults will fall from a standing position or while on the ground, not at an elevation.

The risk of broken bones is higher, too. Falls cause almost 90% of the reported broken bones in adults over the age of 65, and many of them will require support and rehabilitation services to get back to normal after their slip-and-fall incident.

Why do older adults fall more frequently?

There are many reasons why older adults report more serious injuries from slip-and-fall incidents. For example, bone density usually starts to decline as people age, making a fracture more likely. Older adults may also have slower response times, which might mean that their falls are more dramatic and the impact is greater.

Age can also make recovery from a broken bone more difficult, with researchers noting that a significant number of those who break their hip permanently lose the ability to live independently.

Understanding the impact of a slip-and-fall incident will be important to your response. It’s essential to keep track of medical bills and other fall-related expenses so that you can seek the settlement you need after a slip-and-fall injury.