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How to prevent texting-and-driving accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Personal Injury |

For the last couple of decades, technology has evolved rapidly – for better or worse. You can find out nearly anything known to mankind with just a tap of your finger. Having a phone not only speeds up human knowledge but has also made communication around the world just that easier. 

Many people spend countless hours a day on their phones, if not for work then for entertainment. In fact, the average person likely spends upwards of three hours a day talking, texting or browsing social media on their phone. While having a phone may seem immensely beneficial, there are a few drawbacks, namely, texting and driving – one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents.

While many people think texting and driving can be prevented by putting down their phones, it’s not that simple. Phones are addicting, and one buzz from a notification sends many people to reach for their phone. So, to prevent texting-and-driving accidents, drivers may need to consider taking extra steps to reduce injuries. Here’s what you should consider:

Put your phone far away

Reducing a texting-and-driving accident isn’t as simple as putting your phone down, as stated above. What many people often do is put their phone on “silent” mode or “do-not-disturb” mode. While this can help for some, people are often still inclined to check their phone or make a call or text, especially at red lights and stop signs.

If you’re struggling to put your phone down while driving, then you may consider placing it in your glove box or an out-of-reach bag. This way, even if temptation draws you to your phone, you won’t have much of a choice not to look at your phone. Some people even find placing their phone in their trunk or leaving it at home safer.

You may have done everything to prevent a texting-and-driving accident but that doesn’t mean others are. If you’ve suffered a car accident, then you may need to know your legal rights.