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3 times a dog bite could lead to massive medical bills

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When a dog turns violent, it can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a few moments. Many dog bite attacks only result in lacerations. The victims of the attack may need stitches and antibiotics but will likely bounce back quickly.

In rare cases, an aggressive animal can cause permanent injuries or thousands of dollars in medical losses. When does a dog bite cross the line between inconvenient and debilitating?

When the dog causes emotional trauma

The damage done by an aggressive animal can last for long after the wounds heal. When the attack was particularly vicious or the victim was quite young, long-term psychological damage can result.

Cynophobia or the fear of dogs could result, as could fear of public spaces or even hospitals. These mental reactions to physical trauma limit someone’s future social relations and require extensive therapy for their full recovery.

When the wound is prominent and disfiguring

Dogs can bite people in places that are very noticeable. Injuries to the face, neck and hands can cause permanent disfigurement and affect someone’s self-confidence and even their career.

The worse the damage caused in the more prominent the location, the more it may cost to fully correct cosmetic damage caused by an aggressive animal. Reconstructive surgery for children, in particular, can be quite expensive and can take many procedures to complete.

When the bite causes nerve damage

Sometimes, animals can cause lasting damage by affecting nerves under the skin. Nerve damage can cause loss of sensation or lingering discomfort. It can also limit someone’s strength and range of motion.

Recognizing when a dog bite might cause lasting medical expenses can help you seek an appropriate amount of compensation.