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A spinal cord injury could be life-changing

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Injuries to your spinal cord can be life-changing since they may negatively affect both how you live and your ability to earn a living. Having your life turned around from the usual so abruptly in an accident can be incredibly difficult to accept.

While some spinal injuries are temporary, others are permanent. Victims simply have to find a way to adjust to their “new normal.” What does that mean in practical terms? Here are some of the things you may have to handle:

Increased medical costs

After a lengthy stay in the hospital, most victims of spinal injuries require rehabilitation in the treatment process, which is usually a continuous process. In addition, you may need long-term rehabilitation treatment or personal care, which is also expensive. 

Chronic pain

The spinal cord is a nerve hotspot, and injuries are usually quite painful. Pain may range from dull short pain to sharp pains that may even limit your ability to walk. It all depends on the extent of your injuries, and pain management may be a necessity after suffering spinal injuries.

Lower quality of life

You may no longer be able to engage in some activities if your spinal cord injuries were severe. For instance, if you loved mountain climbing but have lost control of your limbs, you can no longer enjoy your favorite pastime. Likewise, daily routines like hanging out with friends cannot be straightforward if your spinal injuries are far-reaching. This is in addition to no longer being able to work.

Have you been a victim of a spinal injury?

Injuries to your spine can be catastrophic. If another party is responsible for the difficult circumstances you are facing, it’s your right to hold them accountable for your losses.